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Column 918: Join the giving lifestyle today. Now, with boundaries!

You can now read this month's column here, in which I talk about how living from a place of giving, when coupled with beautifully strong and reinforced boundaries, can be the most promising and enjoyable way to be, not to mention the most likely to be successful.  

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Column 916 - It's not that bad, except it is

Phew.  Well.  The topic of this column is the culture I observed in the legal profession and how the worst wrongs sit atop giant below-surface ice bergs of smaller wrongs gone un-examined.  It's a topic that has been burning a hole in me for quite some time but one I haven't felt able to discuss.  Which is kind of the point.  (You can read it here.)

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Column 915 - Watch out for lawyer creep

This column is about keeping your lawyer skills within the lawyer domain as much as possible, and not letting them leech into other areas where they may not be as useful.  Of course, when I wrote this column back in January (a simpler time when Me Too and Times Up were but months and weeks old), the New Zealand legal profession was not grappling quite so directly with the issue of lawyer creeps, so the title is now a little unfortunate. 

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Column 914: You do not have to be a lawyer

Hello friends - isn't 2018 cosy so far?  I bring you today the first column of the year, with the year's first podcast episode to come next week.

This column deals with a subject close to my heart: not having to be a lawyer.  I hope that this news (if it is news) will make you feel relieved and/or excited.  You can read below...

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No episode this fortnight, but look! A column!

Hello listeners, lovely to see you again.  There is no podcast episode this fortnight, but luckily The New Lawyer is now also a column in LawTalk, so diehard fans can have a supplementary dose that way to tide them over to next time.  If you do not receive a hard copy you can read online over here.  With the column I plan to offer ideas and reflections for new lawyers on many of the same topics covered by the podcast, but in full sentences with punctuation and everything. I am especially pleased that the editorial staff chose this issue to adopt my recommendation that more dogs feature on the cover of the magazine.  The cows on issue 902 were a nice diversion, but really it's the dogs we've been hankering for since issue 894, amiright?  I am right.

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