A favour from you, dear listeners and readers, regarding some big news

Hello lovely listeners and readers.  

I am about to ask you a favour in service of me and your fellow lawyer and prospective lawyer colleagues.  The benefit to me and them will be immense, and we are alllll grateful. 

The big news - following certain inquiries and interest, Symphony Law will soon be offering new lawyer coaching. 

This feels magnificent to me.  There is nothing I love more than interesting, juicy conversations with good people (hence the podcast), except reading the kinds of books that fuel those conversations.  If I can turn that attention on an individual lawyer to coach them to a more enjoyable, sustainable, successful and authentic career, then you better believe I am going to do that.  

I have a good idea of where coaching might go based on my own experience and on inquiries from you lovely people.  But, I would love love love your feedback, whether or not you think you will use my services, no matter where you live.  Your feedback will help me design the best service for others who will use it, so a hat tip to all who complete it.

To that end, would you take this short survey?  If you are feeling extra generous, might you share the survey to lawyers and law students in your life, or even beyond?      

Here is the link to the survey.  

The survey is anonymous, unless you would like to be kept in the loop on developments.  If you would like to contact me to discuss the survey or coaching or, of course, the podcast, you can do that via the direct line at katie@thenewlawyer.co.nz

Thank you, lovely new lawyer community.  I am so grateful.


Email your questions to katie@thenewlawyer.co.nz 


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