New Lawyer columns / Column 912: Confessions of a recovering goal addict

Hello lovely readers and listeners.  Some of you may not be aware but I write a New Lawyer column for LawTalk every month.  They are a joy to write because I do not have to write in the style of a legal text book and sometimes they let me mention my dog.  It's great.  

I thought it was high time the columns were easily accessible alongside the podcasts and for those who might not have to time to read LawTalk.  I have created this page where I will keep them all collected in one place, and I will also update the blog when they come out.

This month I wrote about the sinister side of goals and it was cathartic.  Alternatives to goal-based living are a bit of an evangelical topic for me right now, so you can expect that theme to come up quite a bit.  We are allowed to trust in the evidence that says we are inherently driven.  How wonderful.

I hope you are all keeping well in this hiatus - I am looking forward to returning with new podcast episodes very soon.

Much love


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