New columns: making terrible art, becoming an expert quitter, habits beating goals, and more

Hello lovely readers. I have lots of fun reading for you today. There’s this article in LawTalk where I confess to a former life as a fanfiction writer and urge you to make terrible art too. And three articles for LexisNexis: one on how habits trump goals every time, one on how to become an expert at quitting things, and one on how to reconcile the reputation of lawyers against your desire to, you know, not be a slimy partisan jerk.

I don’t generally do endorsements, but this week I wanted to shout out the work of a wonderful new CPD startup run by Sarah Alderson: PocketLegal. Sarah is executing some really great events and CPD/networking options that get away from the more traditional model and toward a more human, collaborative, engaging model. And she is super great! Look out for PocketLegal events in your city for lovely CPD and networking opportunities.

Till next time, readers!


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