New columns: Mental health utopias, millennials using the phone, best habits for a legal career and more

Hello again readers. Let me tell you all the writing March brought with it.

The utopia of lawyer mental health

I love to talk about utopias, you guys, especially around topics that are otherwise very depressing. LawTalk published this piece as part of Sarah Taylor’s ongoing series on mental health in the law. I recommend reading all the other contributions too.

Dear Katie, What are some habits I can develop in law school that will help me in my career?

Well, Ryan, 19, allow me to get over my delight at your question and let you know.

Engage with the difficulty

This column is a note to new law students with a message I like to revisit all the time.

Millennials and Generation Z: We have to use the phone

Before you get mad: I know. I know we all hate articles telling a whole generation what to do, especially if that thing is use the phone. But hear me out before you throw fruit.

And that’s all for this month. I hope you all play some lovely pranks on Monday.

Love, Katie

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