A longer winter break / WYLC mental health panel

Hello my lovely listeners.  Just a quick check in to say that instead of returning this week we will in fact be taking an indefinite hiatus while I give full attention to a health issue I am dealing with.  I do have some wonderful guests scheduled to record later in the year but just when we will be recording and releasing those episodes I do not know yet.  Stay subscribed to the podcast feed or to Facebook or Twitter and you will know when we start back up.

In the meantime, subject to that health issue, I am appearing on the Wellington Young Lawyer Committee panel on junior lawyer mental health and wellbeing on 16 August, so if you want a podcast-like fix and you are in Wellington, please come! You can book here.

Otherwise, please listen to the back catalogue if you have not already, refer friends and colleagues who you think might benefit, and keep on taking care of your lovely selves.  I look forward to returning as soon as possible.  

Much love


P.S. Feel free to get in touch by email at katie@thenewlawyer.co.nz if you would like.

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