Episode 9: Josh Pemberton talks Supreme Court clerkships, Harvard University and the Pemberton Report

Well.  I don't need to tell you guys how cool this episode is, but it really was very cool.  

My guest this episode was Josh Pemberton, author of First Steps: The Experiences and Retention of New Zealand’s Junior Lawyers.  The full report is available at that link, or you can read a summary of the findings here

We spent most of the episode discussing the results of his research, but not before we discussed Josh's own legal career, which to date has included a Supreme Court clerkship, work for a rule of law-based NGO in Myanmar, and now a Masters degree at Harvard.  Impressive stuff.

Listen to the end to get our best suggestions for transforming your experience of junior lawyership even before you start work.  Josh's research would suggest that the less happy you are in law the more likely you are to leave, so you will do yourself (and the profession) a favour if you can figure out as early as possible where you think you might be happy.

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