Episode 7: Tom talks criminal defence, workload management and job-hunting

In this episode I interview Tom, an S2 at the Public Defence Service, about life as a junior criminal defence lawyer.  This was enlightening for me as I hope it will be for the listeners as I have not once gone near any manner of criminal law since law school (don't worry, I asked him to explain all his acronyms).

In our chat I refer to Seth Godin's doctrine of "pick yourself", a summary of which can be found here, and an elaboration on which can be found running through most of Seth's books, but definitely loudly so in The Icarus Deception.

I also refer to an article by Marcus Elliott about the virtue and value of criminal defence lawyers, and I did so as a teaser, listeners, because said article either does not exist online or does not exist at all.  I have put a query into to Mr Elliott's office and will update when I hear back.  Rest assured, even if it does not exist, the version my mind created was excellent. 

Once again, I refer listeners to our resources page for information on wellbeing and such, and, in my own shameless plug, I refer you to the blog on my practice website cowanlitigation.co.nz.  

Until next time, listeners, enjoy!

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