Episode 5: Justice Glazebrook talks gender diversity, how to respond to feedback and expectations of your new lawyer job - The New Lawyer Podcast

Well, what an episode.  Justice Glazebrook of New Zealand's Supreme Court was kind enough to sit down with me and talk in depth about several issues raised in the Pemberton Report for junior lawyers, confidence and imposter syndrome, gender bias and discrimination, and the expectation-vs-reality issue for new lawyers.  

From this week the podcast moves to a fortnightly schedule, so you can expect a new episode on a Monday every couple of weeks.

The book I mention at the start of the episode is this one by clinical psychologist Mike McKinney.  .  Note: the writing style is clinical/academic and at times passive, but if you think you might be an all or nothing-type I urge you persevere; the content is really important.

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