Cassandra talks junior barristership, animal law and networking without networking

In this episode I spoke to Cassandra Kenworthy, a junior barrister from Wellington, about almost everything in the world.  We went from her science background to how she found law to academic writing to animal law to participation in legal profession groups to practising with a chronic illness to networking without networking to the podcast she has in the works (for which there will definitely be updates here when it launches).  I'm such a fan.  

Her third piece of advice was as follows:

Use your networks when you’re looking for jobs. When I was looking for jobs, the casual coffee catch ups with senior lawyers were always far more lucrative than applying for advertised jobs. Let your lecturers know that you’re looking for work, and contact people whose careers you admire for a one off mentoring coffee. Connected people will know who is looking for employees or is particularly busy and could do with some help.

You can find Trump Con Law here or on your podcast app. You can find out more about the work of the New Zealand Animal Law Association here. If you want to find out a professional group to join you can take a look at this handy PDF for groups that might align with your interests.

Until next time, listeners!


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