Episode 27: Grad solicitor Alice talks finding a job, the transition from law school to practice, and the value of cultural know-how

This was such a lovely episode with grad solicitor Alice, and in it we got to traverse all sorts of topics I have not been able to cover so much with other guests lately, namely the experience of grad lawyers. Finding a job, transitioning from law school to practice, setting yourself up for success and balance in an emotionally demanding job, the culture of law school, so much cool stuff. We also talked about cultural awareness as a means to serve clients and colleagues and the work of a new family lawyer. It. Was. Great.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Alice mentioned this article by LawTalk’s Geoff Adlam interviewing Mai Chen about CQ (cultural capability) for lawyers.

  • I mentioned The Trusted Advisor by David H Maister but forgot his name during recording. Apologies, David. Please all go and read his book to make up for my rudeness.

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Till next time listeners!


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