Episode 22 - CA President Justice Kós talks speaking up in court, the importance of being a teacher while remaining a student, and big picture reforms he would like to see

In this episode I speak with Justice Kós, sitting President of the Court of Appeal, and at different times a litigator, an academic, and a teacher.  We talked about his reasons for becoming a lawyer (another count for "good at English"), and his reasons for staying one (law as vocation); his perspective on the bench, both from appearing in front of it and sitting behind it; reforms to the civil system that promise increased access to justice and reforms to the criminal system that promise greater justice full stop; how his upbringing as the child of a refugee helped form his view of New Zealand and the importance of its democratic norms and institutions; and what he has learned as a student of those who came before and a teacher of those who are coming up the ranks now.  

After recording this interesting, wide-ranging discussion of issues big and small in the legal profession and New Zealand society I stood up and knocked a cup of tea all over the Judge's desk, including three volumes clearly marked "Library of the Court of Appeal", which was a nice return to earth after such a lofty chat. 

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Links for this episode:

  • Information about the NZLS Litigation Skills Course can be found here.  It runs annually in Lincoln, this year from 26 August to 1 September.  Do it if you can.  I did a mini version when I was at Minters and it was wonderful and exhilarating.  
  • The Judge writes about the role of the Court in constitutional collision here
  • A copy of his Honour's speech to the 2016 AMINZ conference regarding access to justice via simple civil reforms is here.  (It's great.  Please read; it will make you hopeful.)
  • A copy of the Court of Appeal's resolution on juniors speaking in court is here
  • The article I wrote for LawTalk on harassment and culture in the legal profession is here in PDF or here on Stuff. 

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