Episode 20: Nichola from the Law Commission talks public service, finding your fit, and working parenthood

I am loathe to say it is a Christmas miracle, but...it's a Christmas miracle!  The podcast returns!  Now with monthly episodes, hopefully increasing to a higher frequency next year.  It feels really good.  Thank you to the many of you who reached out to me during the hiatus - you are wonderful.

In this episode I spoke to Nichola, a senior legal and policy advisor for the Law Commission with a background in private practice in New Zealand and the UK.  We talked working in the UK vs working here, working in private firms vs public service, and big firms vs small, all of which came down to that beautiful notion of finding your fit.  Nichola is also a parent to two wee boys and we talked about how she has navigated family life and work life.  It was a joyful and utterly delightful discussion that goes quite nicely with the end of year wind down.  

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In the intro I talked about the following:

  • Donating a Community Law Manual to organisations who serve people in need.  The best way to do that is to contact your local Community Law Centre and ask their process, or if you want to go straight to the man who contacted me, contact Michael Chaplin at the Wellington Community Law Centre. Details of the manual can be found here, a list of community law contact information can be found here.  You can also donate directly to Community Law Centres as their work is vital and underfunded.  
  • The AMINZ-ICCA International Arbitration Day Conference will take place on April 20 2018.  There is a free careers workshop on 19 April 2018 that young lawyers interested in careers in arbitration are encouraged to attend.  There is a fee to attend the rest of the conference but the workshop itself is free.  Register now as I am told places are filling up quickly.
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But now, listeners, it is a week from Christmas.  I wish you all a lovely, relaxing season, and the confidence that if Christmas is not perfectly perfect fun joyful perfection that is normal, and fine, and great.  Take care of yourselves regardless, and I look forward to more New Lawyer in 2018.

Much love


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