Episode 17 - NZLS President Kathryn Beck talks employment law, the future of New Zealand lawyers, and loving your work

Hello again beautiful listeners.  This episode I went to Auckland to sit down with the Law Society's current president, Kathryn Beck, who is also a partner at employment firm SBM Legal.  We had a delicious wide-ranging conversation about her career as an employment lawyer, her longstanding involvement in different parts of the Law Society, her vision for the best future for law in New Zealand, her advice to new lawyers, her thoughts on mental health for lawyers, and her joy and love for the practice of law.  It is always wonderful to watch someone who loves what they do, do what they do, and now you all get to listen along to that too.  There is so much in this discussion, feel free to take it in bits if need be, with breaks for refreshment etc. 

We mentioned a bunch of things that are already on the resources page of this website, but if you want a shortcut to the mental health assessment tool Kathryn mentions, here it is.  You have to register and then come back later and login, but it's fun, and I think would be especially fun for anyone who loves a nice chart or infographic.

Thank you for listening and thank you for spreading the word to friends and family you think might enjoy or benefit from these conversations.  It means a lot that you are helping the podcast get where it needs to go.

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