Episode 16 - Anna talks all-or-nothing in practice, the work of a litigation solicitor, and what great law firm culture looks like

This week's episode is almost a case study for episode 15.  I talked to Anna, a third year litigation solicitor at a mid-sized firm about how she found some moderation in her all-or-nothing personality type.  The answer seems to lie in the direction of self awareness and a great law firm culture, with a touch of mindfulness practice thrown in.  I particularly loved getting into what makes her workplace so supportive of sustainable success; it's a recipe for us all.  We also had lovely chats about how she came to work at that firm in only second year of law school, and her experiences as a young woman lawyer (there is even some comeuppance, listeners!).  I do hope you enjoy.

Also this week, I have asked that you lovely listeners do me a favour by completing my survey regarding work coaching/consulting services.  Thank you to all those who have already completed it, and thank you to all those who will now.  Whether you think you would use such services or not, your responses will help me and your fellow lawyer colleagues.

Anna and I talked about mindfulness practice as a means to moderate anxiety and extreme all-or-nothing thinking.  There are millions of courses and books and such out there on this topic, but might I direct you specifically to one written for lawyers by Jeena Cho: The Anxious Lawyer.  That one is complemented nicely by the author's podcast, The Resilient Lawyer.  

Until next time, listeners.


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