Episode 15: Psychologist Mike talks burnout, the gentle antidote to an extreme lawyerly personality, and tools for sustainable achievement

This episode is a bit different from others in that Mike is not himself a lawyer, but he treats lawyers in his practice as a clinical psychologist and basically wrote a book about us, so it counts. We discussed all or nothing personalities (of course), the antidote to the extreme versions of that personality, the consequences of letting your all or nothing nature rule your life, and what life looks and feels like when it's not quite so all or nothing.  

Important note: no offence was intended to those listeners who practise yoga; yoga is hard and incredibly good for you.  Our point was just that the options available to us lawyers are not limited to two (extreme health-threatening all or nothing legal practice and extreme life-affirming full time yoga practice); there are a vast many options and degrees inbetween.  If anyone is quitting law to start a yoga practice, GOOD ON YOU. 

Things mentioned in the episode:

"I used to think if I was vulnerable and told people my real story it would be the end of me.  But I did it anyway, and what I've found is that whenever I'm courageous and let people see the real me - all of my messes, mistakes, errors and imperfections - I find beginnings bursting with empathy, not endings.  I hear "me too" a lot more often too."

(For more of that deliciousness watch Brene's TED talks or read her books.  You won't be sorry.)

I'm with you, all or nothing lawyers.  

Much love


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