Episode 13: Mahafrin talks immigration and refugee law, the young woman migrant lawyer experience, and career advancement in litigation

You guys.  This episode.  So cool.  Mahafrin was born in India, mostly raised in Dubai, and immigrated with her family to New Zealand when she was 15.  She practises in an immigration and refugee law firm in Auckland.  She attended an international human rights conference a couple of years ago that you might want to attend in Sydney this year.  In the episode we discuss all of this, values clashes, racial and gender prejudice, and law as purpose, and she picks my brain on advancement in litigation.  It's wonderful.

If you are interested in doing the research project I mentioned in the introduction, please contact me.  The subject is elder abuse and the lawyer's role in mitigating and preventing it, particularly in relation to wills and estate matters, but possibly more broadly as well.  My client is a kick-ass lady whom you will love working with.  If you love sausage dogs in particular, you might want to get in touch.  It will likely involve co-ordinating with my client to discuss the scope of the research, applying to The Law Foundation for funding, undertaking the research and preparing the report. 

Discussed in the episode:

Next episode I'll be talking an S2 at Community Law.  Huzzah!  

Until then, listeners.


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