Episode 12: George talks alternative summer clerking, the life of a barrister and competitions - The New Lawyer Podcast

George the law student/barristers' clerk joins me this episode for a micro discussion on life as a junior in a barristers' chambers and how he got the job in the first place, as well as how much a little confidence goes a long way in the world of autonomous legal practice.  

The plan is for this episode to be one of a series of episodes on "alternative" summer clerking, for 'tis the season for big firm applications (alternative being a relative term in this case).  

We didn't get stuck into the big issues this time so the episode is short and sweet.

As always, please feel free to get in touch with love, feedback, or ideas for in-office mental health support that would really help you or someone you know: katie@thenewlawyer.co.nz. 

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