Episode 10: Solicitor General Una Jagose QC talks Crown Law, the LGBT lawyer experience, and what lawyers look like.

Wow.  I recorded this episode in October and have been DYING to release it, so today's a big day. Una Jagose QC, New Zealand's Solicitor General, sat down with me to talk about her career in the public sector and her thoughts on work and lawyering.  

It was such a lovely chat, with so much delicious chunky wisdom and insight, and with such a tone of ease and fun, I keep tugging people on the sleeve and telling them to listen to it.  If you're reading this, take it as a virtual sleeve-tug and get to listening yourself. 

Some notes from the conversation:

  • The research on longer working hours not yielding better results is summarised here.
  • The certification I was talking about was the Rainbow Tick.  A tip of the hat to Russell McVeagh and Simpson Grierson for their certification, also to Bell Gully, which is on its way to certification. Here is a nice article from when SG was certified about why they made the decision to do it and what it has meant for the firm.
  • In the episode I mistakenly referred to an Auckland-based LGBT lawyer organisation, but I couldn't find it when I looked, and I think I may have been thinking of Rainbow Auckland (formerly the Gay Auckland Business Association).  Giant apologies about that.  If anyone has any word of LGBT lawyer or business organisations I can put into the resources page please let me know.  
  • The Government Legal Network website is very much worth exploring, especially for its summer clerk programme. 
  • We recorded the episode a couple of weeks before Leonard Cohen died, just to put that conversation in context. 

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