Episode 18: Julia Batchelor-Smith talks construction law, non-linear careers and hard core self care

In this episode I sat down with the lawyer self care guru herself, Julia Batchelor-Smith, to talk all things self care, balance and contentment (and nerd out about the Construction Contracts Act; apologies).  We covered some GREAT stuff, including non-linear careers, taking time out to do crazy always-wanted-to ventures, parenting and lawyering, microcredentialing (Katie learns a word), how to keep on top of stress, how to manage mistakes, financial literacy and the business of Spanx.

A reminder from my wee spiel at the beginning: if you have an area of law or a perspective you would really like to hear from, please email me and let me know, and I will add it to my list for a future episode.  I've got some good guesses on areas people might still like to hear from, but confirmation from you direct would be even better.

Things mentioned in the episode:

  • You can buy Julia's book from LexisNexis over here.  
  • You can buy Your Money Or Your Life here.  I believe there is a new edition coming out this year or next but this edition is still excellent. 
  • You can read about Sara Blakely's business success, built on not fearing failure, here.
  • Martin Seligman's Learned Optimism is an interesting primer on thinking styles that can help prevent depression and such.  Some of the work in the book is a little outdated now; you may prefer one of his later books.  The ABCDE model is in this one though and still works a treat.  I found this abbreviated example of the model, which may be of use if you don't want to read the whole book.
  • Dan Pink is the author that started me down my own non linear career path with his book Drive.  Still highly recommended and wonderful reading.


Till next time, listeners.


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