Column 918: Join the giving lifestyle today. Now, with boundaries!

You can now read this month's column here, in which I talk about how living from a place of giving, when coupled with beautifully strong and reinforced boundaries, can be the most promising and enjoyable way to be, not to mention the most likely to be successful.  If you are not used to putting boundaries around your own needs and values, it can be very hard (I find it very hard).  But boundaries are muscles; they get easier with little day by day efforts to strengthen them.  One way to speed up the strengthening is to give yourself a giant pat on the back any time you succeed in maintaining a boundary you've set for yourself.  It's hard, and you deserve credit. 

In the article I mention Adam Grant's book Give and Take, which I read a few years ago and still recommend, as well as Brene Brown's Daring Greatly, which is basically required reading at this point.  

I will be taking next month off the column, but expect to be back the month after that.

Till next time, readers!


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