New columns on therapy, getting started in law, and all the things I wish I had known

Readers! This marks the end of my tenure as LexisNexis’ advice columnist, a position I still feel so privileged and pleased to have ever held. In this last bundle we have:

  1. My reflections on therapy, including why I used to be scared of it and am now a convert, and what you can expect from therapy itself.

  2. My response to a reader question on how to get started in a legal career and many other related questions about how to get through the door, as it were. I even soften my hardline stance against networking events, showing that truly, we are all capable of growth.

  3. My final column, which I treated as the graduation commencement speech I needed to hear when I was graduating in 2010, since even after year of writing these advice columns I still feel deeply uncomfortable with general prescriptive advice.

What next for me, you ask? I am now a freelance researcher and writer. I have a couple of very cool projects lined up that I can’t talk about just yet, but if you’re interested to hear more once I can, please subscribe to the digest email.

Love and thanks always,


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