Hi, I'm Katie

And I really want to improve the experience of junior lawyers.    

I want to make a new culture of law where junior lawyers are empowered to have a better experience and can make choices about their careers that set them up for success.  That reality benefits everyone: the lawyers themselves, their employers, their colleagues, the profession and the public. This podcast is the first step in that vision. 

My audacious hope is that, together with my guests and listeners, we can transform the practice of law, one conversation at a time.

About me

My professional background is in civil and commercial litigation, starting in national firms in 2010 and moving to my own boutique litigation practice in 2015.  I have since left legal practice and transformed my company into a coaching and consulting business, where I offer one on one support to junior lawyers and consulting and writing for the industry.  It is really fun.

Inside and outside of law I like making things.  Inside of law that was new billing practices, modes of operation, and legal "edutainment" (ugh) seminar series and writing for the public.  Outside of law that remains music, comedy, theatre, online media projects and podcasts.

Symphony Law Limited

In 2015 I founded Symphony Law Limited, the company that owns and hosts the podcast (and bears all liability for its mistakes, ok?).  If you would like to access my coaching or consulting services, please go to Symphony's website, over here

Email your questions to katie@thenewlawyer.co.nz 


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